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Arnaud Organic Skin Care

Brand Development, Rebrand, Packaging & Website Design

Arnaud was originally branded to reflect the essence of Australian coastal living with an earth tone color pallet and natural ingredients. Arnaud was sold, and the new owner wanted to redevelop the brand into a contemporary skin care range for men and women.

Arnaud evolved into Arnaud Organic, a high-end certified-organic skin care range made from natural, plant-derived ingredients & pure essential oils.

Arnaud Organic Skin Care
Boutique Organic Skin Care

Brand Positioning
I redesigned the brand to fit the owner’s new marketing strategy to enter the luxury skin care market. At the time, we discovered new market data showing an increase in demand for organic products. The company’s goal was to develop a certified organic skin care range made from high-quality ingredients for both men and women.

Design Strategy
The simplified black and white color pallet of the packaging gave the range a contemporary and sophisticated appearance. Foil stamping and engraved labels on the packaging elevated the range’s quality to that of the ingredients. Additional imagery I used to emphasize the idea that a certified organic skin care range could also be sophisticated.

Original Brand
Natural Australian Lifestyle Brand
Arnaud, Original Branding & Packaging
Rebrand Stylescape
Visual Style Exploration
Arnaud Organic - Organic Skin Care Stylescape
Logo Design
Old Elements Integrated into a Contemporary Design
Arnaud Organic - Women's Organic Skin Care Range Logo
Arnaud Organic - Men's Organic Skin Care Range Logo

Arnaud Organic Redesigned Logo Characteristics

Brand Identity
Simple & Elegant
Arnaud Organic Collateral - Business Cards, Envelope & Letterhead

Arnaud Organic Business Card Front Detail
Arnaud Organic Business Card Back Detail
Arnaud Organic Letterhead Detail
Label Design
A Sophisticated Design for Quality Products
Arnaud Organic Women's Skin Care Range
Arnaud Organic Men's Skin Care Range
Arnaud Organic Product Label Detail
Email Design
Dynamic Content Generated by Customer Preferences
Welcome Email Data Flow
Arnaud Organic - Newsletter Sign-up Communication Flow

Email Design
Arnaud Organic - Newsletter Welcome Email

Mobile Email Design
Arnaud Organic - Mobile Newsletter Welcome Email

Website Design
Sharp, Simple & Sophisticated
Arnaud Organic - Website Design & Development

Site Map
Arnaud Organic - Website Organizational Site Map

Website Wireframe
Arnaud Organic - Website Wireframe Design

Mobile Website Wireframe
Arnaud Organic - Mobile Website Wireframe Design

Website Design
Arnaud Organic - Website Home, Product & Range Page Design

Mobile Website Design
Arnaud Organic - Mobile Website Home, Product & Range Page Design

Website Navigation Design
Arnaud Organic - Website Navigation Design

Skills & Expertise Used

User Experience Design, User Interface Design, User Research & Analysis, Wireframe & Prototyping, User Testing, Web Design, Web Development, Dreamweaver, Animate (Flash), HTML/XHTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3/SASS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL Database Management, Graphic Design, Typography, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks, Search Engine Marketing, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Tag Manager, Wordpress CMS Customization, Mobile First - Responsive Web Design, Fluid Responsive Framework, Email Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Project Management Software